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Images Everything is an exclusive home party concept and there are no other companies out there doing photo parties! At Images Everything we take your precious memories and turn them into wonderful keepsakes that your guests and your loved ones can cherish for many years to come. Our parties are fun and pressure free!

If you become an Images Everything consultant you can have territorial exclusivity, meaning that you can be the only consultant in your area! Most home party companies that are out there today have dozens of competing consultants in the same area, basically all saturating the hostess community with similar parties. At Images Everything, you compete only with yourself and you are in at ground level!!!

Why Become a Consultant?

What is a Photo Party?

What are the Commissions?

How Do I Become a Consultant?

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Why Become a Consultant? Don't we all want a little supplemental income? Perhaps you want some extra income for a trip to Disney or someplace tropical. Or maybe you are just looking for some extra cash to have that date night again with your spouse.  Maybe you're looking for more, like making a car payment or just the peace of mind that comes with financial freedom. 

No matter what level you aspire to, there are Images Everything consultants who have done it and are doing it every day.  Just how much you make is based on your efforts, so the sky is truly the limit.  Think it's not for you? We make it simple and easy and with our materials anyone can be a Photo Party Consultant.  We show you how with party games and light hearted pressure free fun.

What is a Photo Party? At Images Everything we strive on having the most fun home parties of them all with our Photo Parties!  Our Photo Parties are light hearted, fun, relaxing and are completely enjoyable.  Just about everyone that hears the term Photo Party can't wait to show off their photos of their loved ones, recent wedding, favorite pets, their trip to Mexico or their child's first time eating cake or spaghetti!  Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the affordable and customized unique gift products. Rarely will you have a guest not seize the opportunity!!! And if you love photos and have access to a computer, this is the job for you! Did I say job? Because it totally doesn't feel like work!! You get to help people put their precious memories on really cool stuff!

What are the Commissions? You will earn 25% commission on all of the product line.  The only exceptions are the Pro-Sports Itialian Charm Products and our Sterling Silver product line.  You also earn an additional 5% on all sales in materials for things such as order forms, catalogs, business cards and post cards.  As an Images Everything Independent Consultant you can also earn a very generous bonus structure of $25, $50, $75, and $100 on regularly attainable monthly sales targets.

The best part is that you will earn a 10% bonus for each new Images Everything consultant that you bring on board!  After the new rep receives their kit, you the recruiter will receive 10% of their first 4 photo party sales! That's right, if they sell $2,000 in their first 4 shows, you will receive $200.00!!! Now that is how to make some extra cash!!!

Commissions are paid at the time of all show deliveries, so you will receive your commission right away and not on a monthly or quarterly basis. And you can earn 20% commission on all on-line orders placed in your name!

To read the full Commission and Bonus structure please click here.

How to Become a Consultant? Becoming a consultant at Images Everything has never been easier with our new, reduced price Memoir & Elite Kits that include everything you need for your first show. This starter kit includes our most popular items and enough materials to get you up and running fast.  And many other miscellaneous organizational tools to get you started. These materials are valued at over $67.00 but are free when you order your kit.  We will also send you our Email Invitation that you can save on your computer for your hostesses that have email driven guests. This email invitation has our logo and is a very simple way for your hostesses to forward to their guests.

Once You Order Your Kit ~ You will need to email via jpeg enough photos (approx. 5-13 depending on the kit ordered) to place onto your new product line. You can also send your images to our P.O. Box as well if you have some that are not digital. So, you get to customize what you are going to sell! You can feel completely confident and excited about what you are selling because you will be showcasing products customized with all of your photos! When you receive your kit, you are on your way to an exciting new career of meeting new people, having fun outside the home, choosing part-time or full-time and working at the pace in which you are comfortable.  Jan. 2013